Baby gift ideas

Baby gift ideas

Frequently people ask ...

which gift they should buy for a baby visit or a baby shower. Especially when they do not know the parents too well, people find it hard to decide which present to choose.

I always advise not to buy clothes or plush toys. Why not? Taste for clothing is very specific. The clothes I received for our babies were not precisely what I would have chosen... Why no plush toys? Because people tend to think this is always a good choice. Problem is that you will find yourself with tons of stuffed animals...

The above picture is not randomly chosen. Night lights are currently very popular as a baby gift. Especially the ones designed by Eef Lillemor and A Little Lovely Company. They give a soft glow in the dark which makes them perfect to use when feeding the baby at night. Moreover they are fairly priced. If you are not sure whether mum and dad prefer soft tones or rather go for the monochrome look, the lovely white cloud is a safe choice since it fits in both kinds of interiors. Same goes for the light boxes by the way, especially when you choose for the one with the white border.

Good luck with your visit! ♥


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