Cute Bear to warm up

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Heatable Bear

This cute bear is a cute cuddly friend that will keep your little one warm during winter. The Warmies can be heated in the microwave so that they serve as an original alternative to traditional hot water bottles. The Warmies hugs are filled with a natural blend of grains with an addition of lavender flavor for a delicious fragrance. Ideal for children as assistant to fall asleep ♥

Usage: Warmies can be microwaved at 800W for 90 seconds
Filling: the Warmies have a natural filling of millet (natural grain product)
Extra: lavender and spice mix flavors give them a relaxing scent

Below you find some answers to frequently asked questions:

His hugs suitable for babies and small children?

Warmies stuffed animals are safe. The products are manufactured under high quality standards. They meet the high requirements as stated in the safety CE and EN71 1/2/3.

How long does they stay warm?

After 90 seconds in the microwave at 800 watts, the Warmies give about 90 minutes a pleasant heat, mixed with a delicious aroma.

How long will the fragrance remain active?

The scent of lavender will remain stable for a few months. After that, the scent will decrease gradually. If you want to enjoy again from this blissful aroma, you can heat your Warmie as usual and drip a few drops of lavender essential oils on it.

Can I use the Warmies for cooling?

The stuffed animals can indeed also serve as cooling. Wrap your Warmie in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer. So you get a cute ice pack to cool a fever or a swelling.